Film - Shrink Film - Variety of Sizes

Intertape Polymer Inc.

SKU: IK6F1000

Exlfilm is polyolefin shrink film engineered to make your packaging look its absolute best, while providing unmatched value, versatility and durability.
  • 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 inch widths - Select from Options
  • Length: 4.375'
  • Gauge: 60 Gauge (15.2 micrometers)
  • Most durable film, improved to provide overall shrink performance and seal strength
  • Ideal for multi-packs, heavier products and items that encounter extreme shipping and handlingHansler Smith Limited
  • Exceptional tensile strength and tear resistanceHansler Smith LimitedExcellent hot slip
  • Crosslink technology, creating a much stronger film
  • Made of FDA compliant materials

    Item #'s: I16-IK6W1000, I16-IK6W1200, I16-IK6W1400, I16-IK6W1600, I16-IK6W1800