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Abrasive Disc - Norton Bear-Tex Vortex Rapid Prep AO Medium Grit TS (Type II) Non-Woven Quick-Change Disc, Various Sizes

SKU: 66623335420
$1.49 CAD



With nylon fiber and nylon scrim backing that allow for a thick combination of resin and grain, this Bear-Tex Vortex Rapid Prep A/O medium grit TS (Type II) non-woven quick-change disc stays stiff even under extended, heavy use. Clean Bond resin technology creates a smear-free finish, even on alloys high in nickel, and it reduces loading on the soft metals for which this disc was designed, including aluminum, carbon steel and titanium. With a patented Vortex blend of agglomerated aluminum oxide, this medium-grit disc acts like a fine-grit disc, offering a superb final surface finish on stainless soft metals.

Abrasive: Aluminum Oxide Aggregate
Attachment: TS (Type II)
Backing Material: Nylon
Max Operating Speed Guideline:  Determined by back-up pad
Abrasive Type: Non-Woven

  • Patented Vortex agglomerated aluminum oxide grain provides the cutting power of a coarser grit with the finish of finer grits
  • Proprietary Clean Bond resin technology guarantees smear-free finishes even on high nickel content alloys and reduces loading on aluminum and other soft metals
  • Premium high-loft nylon fiber bonded to a strong nylon scrim backing allows a thick layer of resin bond and grain for extended life, added durability and stiffness
  • Medium grit for final surface finishing of stainless, soft metals like aluminum, carbon steels, and titanium
  • Markets: Home Improvement / Paint & Drywall / Collision Repair / Manufacturing & Industry / Metal Fabrication / Medical Industry / Transportation
  • Materials: 300 Series Stainless / 400 Series Stainless / Brass / Bronze / Cast Iron / Copper / Ductile Iron / Fiberglass / Composites / Gray Iron / Hard Carbon Steels / Soft Carbon Steels / Super Alloys / Titanium / Tool Steels 
  • Machines: Handheld Disc Sander
  • Applications: Finishing / Blending
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