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Clearing Tools - Fiskars Billhook (13"), 385061-5001

SKU: 21969-385061-5001
$37.90 CAD
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Item #: 385061-5001

  • 6" hooked blade is ideal for trimming shoots and stems, dividing plants, edging borders and more in your yard and garden
  • Blade curve offers pull-cutting great for removing suckers and clearing vines
  • Sharpened tip quickly scrapes tight spaces clean and makes dividing plants easy
  • Fine serrated edge offers precision cutting for ornamental grasses and other fibrous plants
  • One-handed use leaves your other hand free to grab and pile cuttings, unlike other tools that require a two-handed grip
  • Rust-resistant, low-friction coating glides through tough materials without sticking
  • Intelligent texture pattern on handle features large dimples where fingers rest for grip and small dimples where the palm rests to help prevent blisters
  • Contoured Softgrip® handle features a sculpted profile to fit the natural shape of your hand
  • Extended grip lets you pinch closer to the blade for added control when making precision cuts
  • Finger guard offers added protection for safe use
  • Includes premium carrying sheath
  • Lifetime warranty