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Utility Knife - Martor SECUMAX SOS-CUTTER, 537.08

SKU: 14895-537.08
$12.91 CAD

Utility Knife - Martor SECUMAX SOS-CUTTER, 537.08 is currently out of stock and will ship as soon as inventory has been replenished.

Item #: 537.08


 Safety belts are important for survival. They can however be a hindrance in the aftermath of an accident. They can trap injured people in dangerous situations. The SECUMAX SOS-CUTTER provides the perfect solution. You can use it to reliably cut through any safety belt, whether as a doctor, paramedic or accident witness. The safety knife is also suitable for cutting through clothing, which in some cases also has to be removed.

- Concealed blade to protect user and others

- Handy shape

- Practical eyelet

- Velcro strip to firmly mount in vehicle

Dimensions: 4.88" L x 0.33" W x 1.71" H

Weight: 0.97 oz

Cutting depth: 3.1 mm