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Disposable Gloves - Ronco PURE-TOUCH® Synthetic Stretch Examination Glove (5 mil) 259 / 229

SKU: 229
$8.59 CAD $21.26 CAD

Item #: 259 / 229

Available in powder free (PF), RONCO Pure-Touch® offers excellent tensile strength and good touch sensitivity for applications that require a firm grip. Made from a vinyl based polymer, this examination-grade glove stretches more than conventional vinyl and is ideal for laboratory work, inspection jobs, food processing and handling or general maintenance jobs.

  • Beaded cuffs to prevent liquid roll-down
  • Compliant for contact with food
  • Flexible ease of movement
  • Latex-free to reduce risks of allergic reactions
  • Ambidextrous for easy donning
  • 100/BX