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Earmuffs - Howard Leight Sync® Sync Digital AM/FM Radio Headband 25 NRR 1030331

SKU: 1030331
$112.08 CAD

Item #: 1030331

The Sync Family of earmuffs combines hearing protection, high-fidelity sound, and the ability for individuals to listen to the radio or personal listening devices safely at work and at home.

  • 25 NRR
  • Canada Class (L)
  • Lightweight, slim earcup design is more comfortable to wear during the workday
  • Features patented Air Flow Control™ technology for optimal attenuation across all frequencies without increasing earcup size or weight
  • Snap-in ear cushions for easy maintenance and replacement
  • Improved comfort and fit through its padded diamond-patterned headband and reinforced fork slides that keep it in place when worn
  • Manages stereo and radio outputs to safer levels
  • Technologically advanced acoustical bass chamber enhances bass sounds that are typically sacrificed in industrial stereo earmuffs
  • Digital AM/FM tuning with LCD display automatically searches for radio stations
  • Ten pre-set stations and volume memory can be personalized for each worker