Glove - Chemical Resistant - Superior Glove Chemstop Double Dipped 14 Inch PVC/Thermoplastic Polymer Fleece/Jersey Lining FB231

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Item #: FB236

  • Pvc, short for polyvinyl chloride is a thermoplastic polymer of urethane that resists many chemicals, oils, greases, acids, caustics, solvents, oxidation and ozone
  • The FB200 series gloves are a black, double-dipped high-grade PVC
  • They are an economy version of our green Chemstop double-dipped PVC gloves
  • Pvc coating over a two-piece, sanitized, fleeced jersey liner has a rough finish for excellent grip in wet or dry conditions
  • Rough palm finish for excellent wet/dry grip
  • Pvc has poor resistance to hot water and is not recommended for use above 79 deg C
  • Standards: ASTM ANSI Puncture Level 2|ASTM ANSI Abrasion Level 4|CFIA Approved
  • Applications: Commercial Fishing, Car/Automotive, Maintenance, Construction, Petrochemical Industry, Fuel Oil Delivery and Mining