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Chemical Resistant Glove - Superior Glove Dexterity Universal Size PVC Palm & Coating 14 in Black 253/4K

SKU: 253/4K
$5.93 CAD


Item #: 253/4K

  • Mangler by becoming embedded with black PVC chips
  • After being dipped in PVC, these ordinary gloves turn into the Mangler
  • This increases their wear resistance and grip for use in applications where abrasion is high, such as handling rough materials
  • In combination with their oil and chemical-resistance properties, their use extends to applications requiring both abrasion and chemical protection
  • This finish also extends the life of the glove, making them an economical choice
  • Two styles a 3/4 and a fully dipped jersey feature knit wrists for stay in place comfort, while the third is a 14 in gauntlet style for complete wrist protection
  • Great for handling rough materials or parts
  • Applications: Chemical Industry, Organic Solvents, Commercial Fishing, Petrochemical, Fuel Oil Delivery, Suitable For Handling Oils, Acids and Caustics