Glove - General Purpose - Superior Glove Sure Knit String Knit Glove Type 7 ga Cotton SC

SKU: SC720/S


Item #: SC720 / SC840 / SC936

  • SureKnit cotton gloves make excellent general purpose work gloves - especially for parts handling and general maintenance applications
  • Since the cotton knit is soft against the skin, these gloves are comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time
  • This version also features snug knit wrist cuffs to ensure that the gloves will stay in place while you're hard at work
  • Cotton string knit is cool and comfortable against the skin
  • Snug knit wrist cuffs keep gloves in place
  • Unbleached and fully launderable
  • These versatile, unbleached gloves are also fully launderable which helps to extend their glove life
  • Applications: General Purpose, Parts Handling and General Maintenance