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Canner's Gloves - Superior Glove Chemstop 9 Mil 2-Tone Vinyl Reinforced Fingertips, V3016RT

SKU: V3016RT-7
$1.91 CAD


Item #: V3016RT

  • Ideal for poultry and meat packing industries since vinyl resists oils and animal fats
  • Gloves are treated with an anti-mildew agent
  • This style has double the strength in the finger tips where you need it most 16 mil in finger tips compared with 9 mil in the glove body
  • Many food plants are switching to non-latex gloves to address concerns about latex allergies
  • An anti-mildew agent has been incorporated into the gloves
  • Soft, stretchy and comfortable fit to increase employee comfort and productivity
  • Size is indicated by different fingertip colours for easy sorting after washing. 7: Pink, 8: Yellow, 9: Green, 10: White
  • Standards: ASTM ANSI Puncture Level 1|USDA Approved
  • Applications: Janitorial, Food Handling, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Poultry and Meat Packing Industries