Hand Towels - Center-Pull Towels & Dispenser


SKU: 01010


Item # 01010
Scott™ Center-Pull Towels - 500Sheets/Roll - 4/Case

  • An economical and highly effective choice for your hand drying needs, SCOTT™ Center-Pull Towels have Absorbency Pockets that absorb lots of water fast, for superior hand drying and are folded for one-handed dispensing.
  • Use with the 09335 dispenser.

Item #: 09335
K-C Professional* IN-SIGHT* Sr Center-Pull Towel Dispenser

  • The SCOTT™ Roll Control Center-Pull Towels are used with our center-pull systems that reduce dispensing problems & provide more hand dries per case - the economical and effective choice for your hand drying needs. Meets EPA standards with a minimum 40% post consumer waste 
  • For use with the 01010 towels