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Inverter Generator - King Canada Power Force 4000W Gasoline Digital Inverter Generator KCG-4000i

SKU: KCG-4000i
$1,776.37 CAD

Item #: KCG-4000i

  • Sine wave digital inverter generator provides stable current to power voltage-sentitive electronics
  • Powerful 7.5 HP, 4 stroke air cooled OHV engine
  • Remote start, single-push button electric start or recoil start
  • DC USB port: 5V/2.1 Amp. DC output for charging smartphones, tablettes or any USB powered equipment
  • DC Cigarette Lighter Socket: 12V/8 Amp. DC output
  • AC Duplex Outlet: 120V/13.3 Amp. AC output
  • AC twist lock outlet: 120V/30 Amp. AC output
  • Comes with remote control, 12V battery, spark plug socket and funnel
  • CSA and EPA approved
  • For more information, click here to view the manual