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Particulate Respirator / Face Mask - PIP N95 NIOSH Approved (Box of 20) RPD723N95

SKU: RPD723N95
$22.96 CAD

Item #: RPD723N95

Portability is the key. This flatfold style respirator can fit in your pocket; stuff a stack in your duffle bag or on the top of your hard hat – always at the ready for when you need a dusk mask now. They are individually wrapped to protect the respirator before use. NIOSH approved N95 for use in non-oil environments.


  • Flatfold design and compact when not in use, can be kept in worker's pockets for future use and Increases worker productivity
  • Individually wrapped keeps the mask clean until ready to use and provide better hygiene
  • Latex Free and no common allergens for worry free for you and your workers
  • Nose Clip incorporated into mask that improves fit around the bridge of the nose for a more secure seal