Soap - Phoenix Cleansers, Pump, Dispenser 20010P / 57010P / P110 / D40

SKU: 20010P

Item : The Phoenix Hand Cleaning System

Designed for for general duty and office applications.

Phoenix 2000 Products

  • General duty industrial & office applications
  • Eliminates the irritation caused by repeated washings
  • Contains a wide range of skin conditioners and moisturizers

    Phoenix 5700 Products

    • Extra Strength for even higher level of citrus solvent
    • Unique blend of effective cleaners with non abrasive natural pumice scrubbers
    • Top quality conditioners & moisturizers, natural orange degreasing components

    Phoenix 1.5L Refillable Soap Dispenser

    • 1.5L refillable dispenser for lotion soaps
    20010P 4L Phoenix 2000 Pink Lotion Soap
    57010P 4L Phoenix 5700 Citrus Hand Cleanser
    D40 Refillable Lotion Soap Dispenser
    P110 Hand Pump for 4L Phoenix Lotion Hand Cleaner