Cable Sheath Stripper - PK Neuses, Retainer, Blades

SKU: N2878

Item #: N2878, N2878B, N2878H

  • Comfort-Grip Cable Sheath Stripper
  • N-2878 Cable Sheath Stripper
  • For stripping the jacket from all sizes of plastic and fabric covered cable
  • Red, rigid, phenolic handle equipped with a razor blade at one end
  • ”L” shaped hardened steel guide and blade guard
  • Handle shaped to fit worker’s hand
  • Constructed that hand is fully protected from skinned knuckles through contact with the cable jacket
  • Stainless steel saddle with heavy nickel plated screws and screw bushings hold the guide and blade in place
  • Operator holds Cable Sheath Stripper in one hand and guides cable with the other
  • Cable jacket is slit nearly and cleanly without damage to wire or insulation
  • Blade may be reversed for new cutting edge
  • Two extra blades are carried in the slot under the name plate
  • Blades are standard Schick injector blades, inexpensive and easily obtainable