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Protective Divider - Canarm Large Stand Up Rectangular 6' H x 4' W SURD SURD6X4CPC / SURD6X4ACR / SURD6X4PVC

$409.20 CAD
  • High impact
  • Made from semi-transparent corrugated polycarbonate, crystal clear acrylic or PVC
  • Lightweight - can be secured using pre-drilled holes in the base
  • Easy to clean & sanitize
  • Ideal for restaurants or anywhere a large divider is required
  • Keep your employees & your customers safe
Stand up Corrugated Polycarbonate Rectangular Divider 6' H x 4' W
SURD6X4ACR Stand up Acrylic Rectangular Divider 6' H x 4' W
SURD6X4PVC Stand up PVC Rectangular Divider 6' H x 4' W