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Protective Glasses - Honeywell Adaptec Safety Glasses with Clear Lens, T5900WBLS

$9.64 CAD $22.03 CAD

Item #: T5900WBLS

The proprietary temple design allows the wearer to adjust temple tension anytime, safely and without removing eyewear. Workers can adjust for personal preference or task at hand - a firmer fit for active work or a lighter fit for general wear. The temple arm features a rigid insert that slides to control pressure against the head. Wearer can slide insert from front to back for a firmer fit, or back to front for a looser fit. Each temple hinge ratchets to seven positions, 30° of custom adjustability. This enables the lens to be angled for both optimal eye protection and ideal space for air circulation.

  • Adjustable nose bridge keeps eyes centered in lens for clearer optics and reduced eye fatigue
  • Vented, cushioned frame allows optimum air circulation and reduces fogging
  • Ratcheting temple hinges adjust lens angle for greater protection and reduced fogging
  • Soft, flexible material covers frame components for comfortable, secure fit