Wipers - Kimtech WetTask™ Dual Performance Wiper System 36101

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The Kimtech WetTask Dual Performance Wiper System is a smart alternative to potentially unsanitary and sometimes hazardous open buckets of chemicals. They are ideal when you need a wipe with scrubbing power to help remove dried-on substances while you disinfect. The 2-in-1 wipers have a textured, purple side with tough scrubbing power and a soft white side for regular cleaning. When you choose this space-saving system, you get both the Kimtech Prep Wipers and a small closed-top bucket. Then add the chemical solution you prefer – from bleach-based cleaners to sanitizers. It’s simple, hygienic and safe. The enclosed system also helps eliminate exposure to chemical vapors and splashes. The WetTask closed bucket and wet wiping system can cut solvent usage by 20% and reduce VOC emissions for a safer, more cost effective workplace. This system with disposable wipers is the ideal alternative to using an open bucket and eliminates the need for laundering dirty towels and cloth rags. Choose Kimtech WetTask Dual Performance Wiper System and upgrade your cleaning protocol.
  • Sheet Size: 12 in x 12.5 in
  • Colour: White/Purple
  • Durable meltblown construction, with a purple textured side and soft white side
  • Cuts solvent usage by 20% using the WetTask closed bucket
  • Enclosed system also helps eliminate exposure to chemical vapors and splashes
  • The enclosed bucket system is conveniently portable and helps eliminate the need for laundering contaminated cloth rags