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Get Increased Accuracy and Control Without Increased Expense

Using industry leading weight-based sensing technology and the patented SecureBin™ system, SupplyScale® delivers absolute accountability at the item level with amazing ease-of-use. SupplyScale® quickly and accurately calculates the number of items taken, returned, or restocked, with no repackaging or tagging needed.

SupplyScale® Delivers:

Quick & Easy Access

  • Intuitive menus and prompting mean minimal steps for set up and load
  • Eliminate individual item counting for dramatically reduced restocking time

Improved Accountability

  • Extremely accurate
  • Locked covers on every bin

Outstanding Value

  • Manage higher quantities of smaller items more cost effectively
  • Lower cost of ownership than other options


  • Inventory count automatically adjusted upon completed transaction
  • Pick-to-light functionality on all drawer and bin locations
  • SecureBin locking system on every bin lid
  • Supports multiple lid and drawer depth configurations
  • Minimal calibration maintenance


Chat With Us!

Our team will work with you to customize and implement a solution to address your unique business demands. We will factor in production processes, environment, available footprint, plus inventory access, tracking and reporting requirements to configure a versatile, scalable solution that can adapt to your changing needs.

For more information about our inventory management and vending solutions, please contact us at:

sales@hansler.com | 1-800-267-8150