About Us


From our 1953 beginnings in Peterborough, Hansler Smith has maintained a corporate philosophy of providing consistent first class service to every customer.

“We are and have been a single source supply company that has always been there to support our customers,” said Al Smith, former CEO and co-founder of the company. “Our flexibility to adapt to every customer need while developing close relationships with them has been the foundation upon which we have built our success.”

In 1955, Al and partner Leendert (Len) Hansler began a branch operation as a Machine and Supply company in Brockville, Ontario, with sales of $23,000 in its first year. In 50 years, the company has grown into a multi-branch, fully integrated supply house with seven Ontario locations, increased its base of customers to over 1,000 with an 80 employee-strong team. As a result, sales have grown to “golden” proportions. Hansler Smith is a medium sized, 100% Canadian owned and operated company. 

The economy, markets, and technology have changed during its half century in business. Company partners attribute its staying power to keeping senior staff on the front line of the business, adapting to customer needs and keeping on the leading edge of technology.

With an eye to the future, Hansler Smith will evolve along with its customers by continuing to offer the right product at the right time at the right price.

Founder Al Smith believed that as long as the new “younger” management regime maintains the core competencies upon which the company was built, Hansler Smith will enjoy the next 50 years of business with continued prosperity.