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Microfiber Cloths - Globe 14" x 14" 240 Gsm, Various Colours

SKU: 22128-3131B
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Microfiber cloths feature split fibers, each of the hundreds of thousands of fibers have multiple edges which pick up and hold. This enables you to pick up and hold more dust, dirt and liquid than with traditional cotton, disposable cleaning towels, or even other lesser quality microfiber cleaning cloths. It’s like having millions of tiny hooks that scoop up dirt and dust particles, trap them inside the towel and don't let go, then gently release them when you toss them in the wash. With the best microfiber cleaning cloths your cleaning couldn't get any easier! Perfect for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Disinfecting surfaces and anywhere you want the cleanest areas.

  • A great way to avoid cross contamination
  • Withstands hundreds of launderings
  • Reduce chemical usage and pick up more bacteria
  • Soft, non-abrasive and doesn't scratch