3M 6000 Series Full Facepiece Respirator, Reusable


SKU: M1-5-6700

Item #: M1-5-6700 (Small)/ M1-5-6800 (Medium) / M1-5-6900 (Large)

  • Provides filtering protection against particulates, gases and vapours present in many applications
  • Large lens for wide field of view and excellent visibility
  • Unique center adapter to direct exhaled breath and moisture downward, helps reduce debris from depositing in the valve, and allows for quick and easy cleaning
  • Available in four different modes; can be used with both negative and powered and air supplied systems
  • Compatible with 6885, 6886, 6889, 6897, 6893, 6894, 6895, 6896, 6898, 6899, 6878