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Adhesive - 3M Plastic Cartridge EZ250120-1/10GAL

SKU: 14939-EZ250120-1/10GAL
$68.47 CAD
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Item #: EZ250120-1/10GAL

3M Scotch-Weld PUR Adhesive EZ250120 achieves fast set time and is effective across a wide range of service temperatures. It is ideal for bonding wood and select plastics, including ABS, PVC and polycarbonate. This all-in-one adhesive and dispenser solution features fast, easy clean-up and handy accessories to meet all your dispensing needs 1/10 GAL

Recommended Applications

  • Wood or plastic for furniture and cabinetry
  • Edge moldings and trim for countertops, tables, shelving and desks
  • Wood or MDF drawer bottoms, backs and facings
  • Thin bond line applications in woodworking