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Tape - 3M Scotch Performance Masking Tape 233+, Various Sizes

SKU: 26334
$9.46 CAD

Item #: 26334 / 26336 / 26338 / 26340 / 26341 / 26343 / 26346


  • Highly conformable
  • UV resistant
  • Resistant to bleed-through
  • Goes on quickly and easily
  • Available in a variety of sizes

Scotch Performance Masking Tape 233+ is a high-performance tape for refinishing applications. It hugs curves and contours for easy use, and provides outstanding paint lines and adhesive transfer resistance.

This unique, green coloured tape has excellent conformability, Transfer resistance, and is resistant to bleed through. 233+ is also has better UV resistance than traditional masking tapes. Adhesion to steel: 38oz./in.width. Tensile: 25lbs/in. Tape thickness: 6.7 mils. Temp range: 250F(121C) for 30 minutes