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Air Filter - Dafco Filtration Aerostar® Pleated Air Filter, 25" x 16", 10386

SKU: 15025-10386
$3.64 CAD $8.40 CAD
25" x 16"
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Item #: 10386

AEROSTAR® Series 400 Pleated air filter with standard capacity achieves MERV 8. Extremely low resistance to air-flow minimizes energy costs. 100% synthetic media is moisture resistant and will not promote biological growth. Advanced media does not rely on electrostatic charge for efficiency. Designed for use in commercial buildings, hotels, industrial filtration, airports, school and universities or any application desiring higher levels of air filtration to protect occupants from airborne irritants and protect cooling coils, ductwork and other components of the HVAC system from dust and dirt.