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Apron - Superior Glove Disposable Heavy Duty Polyethylene 61" x 37" (Bag of 25) A4YPD6137

SKU: A4YPD6137
$24.60 CAD


Item #: A4YPD6137

  • It combines the heavy-duty protection of Neoprene with the lighter yet highly durable qualities of 4 mil polyethylene
  • This apron is a full four times thicknesses than regular polyethylene aprons and can effectively replace reusable aprons for the same jobs
  • Being disposable, it eliminates any issues of sterility since it is disposed of at the end of each working day
  • This apron is cut a little longer and wider for better coverage
  • Neck loop and back ties for an adjustable fit
  • The weightlessness of this product reduces worker fatigue considerably
  • This apron will save money against heavier reusable aprons, because of cost savings in laundering, plus freedom from issues of cross-contamination
  • Standards: CFIA Approved
  • Applications: For commercial meat packing plants, food processing, commercial fishing and janitorial