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Log Hook - Fiskars Hookaroon (12") 360060-1001

SKU: 21969-360060-1001
$48.49 CAD
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Item #: 360060-1001

Easily lift and stack logs with a tool boasting a toothed steel head with a curved hook for superior grip.

  • Ideal for picking up, rotating and stacking logs
  • Blade features a pointed, hooked beak and toothed edges to help improve grip, even in icy or slippery conditions
  • Hardened boron steel head stays strong through heavy use
  • Handle flare keeps the tool firmly in your grip
  • FiberComp® handle helps reduce stooping and is lightweight and durable
  • Non-slip grip improves control and helps insulate against the cold
  • Handle hang hole offers easy storage
  • Included sheath helps protect blade and user
  • Length: 12"
  • Full lifetime warranty