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Bandages - 3M Nexcare™ Ultra Stretch Bandages, Assorted Sizes, 50/Pack, CS201-CA

$4.89 CAD


Item #: CS201-CA

Nexcare™ Ultra Stretch Bandages are flexible dressings that adapt to movement while maintaining firm adhesion. These bandages stretch in all 4 directions while maintaining their shape, helping to keep it in the proper position as the wearer moves. Don't let a minor injury slow you down — harness the power of Nexcare™ Ultra Stretch Bandages and keep moving.

Excellent protection for minor wounds is only one of the many features that Nexcare™ Ultra Stretch Bandages offer: they're also highly breathable to allow sweat and moisture to evaporate. Additionally, the diamond-shaped design of these bandages helps ensure a proper seal around the wound for improved protection. Get adaptable, and comfortable, wound defence with Nexcare™ Ultra Stretch Bandages.

  • Stretches in all four directions
  • Breathable, conformable construction adjusts with movement
  • Diamond shape provides a proper seal around the pad
  • Not made from natural rubber latex
  • Made in the USA