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Boots - Blundstone Uniform, Dress, Black, 068

SKU: 23415-068-3
$249.95 CAD

Boots - Blundstone Uniform, Dress, Black, 068 - 3 AUS / 6 CAN WOMEN is currently out of stock and will ship as soon as inventory has been replenished.

Item #: 068

Blundstone Rule of Toe:
Women, please subtract 3 sizes from your Canadian size to determine your Australian size.
Men, please subtract 1 size from your Canadian size to determine your Australian size.
Dress (formerly Chisel toe) are a bit of a longer fit than other Blundstone styles. Some people go down a 1/2 to 1 full size in this style to accommodate for the longer fit. The below size conversion chart provides a guideline for ordering.

Fit Tip: For a wider fit, order the half size. Length is the most important element when fitting Blundstone boots. It's normal for there to be a slight amount of heel lift in the boot. The boots will never stretch in length. With wear, it's common to find some "give" over the top of the boot. If the fit is initially tight in the top of your feet - be patient, it should stretch with some wear.

A Blundstone boot for jobs where a full safety boot is not required, but comfort is a must. The Blundstone Classic boot provides light, dry and all-day comfort and over-the-ankle support. Blundstone soles soften every step to reduce lower body fatigue and impact on bones and joints. An ideal work boot for jobs requiring non-safety toe boots.

  • Premium leather.
  • Polyurethane midsole for improved comfort and cushioning.
  • Thermo-urethane outsole for improved resistance to hydrolysis and microbial attack.
  • Steel shank for torsional stability.
  • Removable footbed.
  • XRD™ in the heel strike zone.
  • Extra set of footbeds for fit adjustment.
  • Leather lined.

Care Details

  • First, remove any caked dirt on your boots with a soft bristled brush or damp cloth, and leave your boots to air dry. Please ensure that your boots are away from direct sunlight or any heaters, as they will dry out the leather.
  • Apply leather polish, spray or cream to the leather to help maintain your boots. If you are using a polish for the first time, try it on an inconspicuous area of the boot to check whether it alters the colour or appearance.
  • If using a polish, apply a small amount of leather cleaner to a polishing cloth or brush and rub onto the shoe in circular motions.

Blundstone Rule of Toe:

To determine Women's Blundstone AUS/UK boot size subtract 3 sizes from your CAN/US size.

To determine Men's Blundstone AUS/UK boot subtract 1 size from your CAN/US size.

NOTE: For a wider fit, order the half size.

6 Women's
6.5 Women's
7 Women's
4.5 7.5 Women's
5 8 Women's 6 Men's
8.5 Women's
6.5 Men's
9 Women's
7 Men's
9.5 Women's
7.5 Men's
10 Women's
8 Men's
10.5 Women's
8.5 Men's
11 Women's
9 Men's
8.5 9.5 Men's
9 10 Men's
9.5 10.5 Men's
10 11 Men's
10.5 11.5 Men's
11 12 Men's
12 13 Men's
13 14 Men's