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Chemical Resistant Gloves - Ronco Double Dipped PVC, 77-974-01

SKU: 15231-77-974-01
$6.28 CAD
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Item #: 77-974-01

RONCO PVC fully coated double dipped gloves are ideal for work environments where there is handling of fuel, oils, petrochemicals, or animal fats. They are preferred by workers in cement mixing and machine handling as well as fishing applications. Available in knitwrist or gauntlet wrist, these gloves deliver tough hand protection and excellent grip.

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Available in varied cuff styles for best protection
  • Chemical / Solvent Resistance - High
  • Wet / Dry / Light oil grip
  • Wrist / forearm protection
  • 77-972-01 - 12''
  • 77-974-01 - 14'