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Coffee - Muskoka Roastery Muskoka Maple, 454g Bag, Whole Bean & Ground

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Muskoka Roastery's signature flavour starts with a medium roasted blend of Central and South American coffees, and then adds a taste and aroma that evokes memories of a beautiful Muskoka spring morning at the sugar shack.

Muskoka's climate is perfect for the sugar maple, which is the best producer of high quality sap. After 40 years of growth, a sugar maple will provide about 40 litres of sap during the 6 week sugaring season, which will produce one litre of maple syrup. A properly tapped tree can continue to do this annually for 100 years. If you haven't visited Muskoka during a syrup harvest and tasted thick maple syrup poured on snow (a taffy), then add it to your list. This was the inspiration for a flavoured coffee that has become a Canadian icon.