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SKU: 11130-CS-150-P

3oz Freeze-Pop - Mixed Flavours - 150/cs
Sqwincher Sqweeze freezer pops are available to freeze and eat. Freezer pops are designed for healthy electrolyte replacement, to help keep body hydrated, and cool core temperature. Electrolytes regulate body fluids during workouts and help prevent cramps and fatigue. Ideal for high-heat environments to reduce heat stress related illness. Just tear open and enjoy. Single-serve packets in assorted flavors.
Item #: D86-11130-CS-150-P

Sqwincher Liquid Concentrate, 64 oz. bottles each yields five (5) gallons of Sqwincher and each case yields 30 gallons Sqwincher has half of the sodium that Gatorade has and contains almost double the amount of Potassium. It is a true electrolyte replacement and recovery drink that is ideal for all applications and sports teams.
Available in the following flavours: Lemonade, Orange, Fruit Punch, Lemon-Lime, Tropical Cooler, Grape, Mixed Berry