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Dust Collector - King Canada 5 HP 3980 CFM Dust Collector KC-5043FX-2 / KC-5043FX-6

SKU: KC-5043FX-2
$2,999.00 CAD $4,279.47 CAD

Item #: KC-5043FX-2 / KC-5043FX-6

  • 3,980 CFM dust collector
  • 220 or 600 Volt
  • Heavy-duty motor and solid construction to effectively handle the collection of wood chips and sawdust
  • Improved metal impellers are precision balanced and designed for maximum air flow performance
  • Complete with 4 wheel castors for portability
  • Lower plastic see-through bag
  • 4" diameter dust ports accept accessory hoses for attaching up to 4 machines
  • For more information, click here to view the manual