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Flashlight - Coast XP11R Adjustable, LED, 2100 Lumens, Rechargeable Batteries 30575

SKU: 17815-30575
$92.46 CAD

Flashlight - Coast XP11R Adjustable, LED, 2100 Lumens, Rechargeable Batteries 30575 is currently out of stock and will ship as soon as inventory has been replenished.

Item #: 30575

Cut through deep darkness. The COAST XP11R showcases how power meets performance in our XP professional series, delivering ultra-bright light and four-mode, multi-beam capability at up to 2100 lumens on Turbo Mode—bold enough for midnight searches but weighing in at less than 6 ounces. Featuring COAST Rechargeable Dual Power technology, this IP54 dust-resistant and storm proof flashlight is powered by a COAST ZITHION-X™ rechargeable battery (charging cable included) but can also run on standard alkaline AAA’s (purchased separately)—with a real-time power indicator so that you always know when to power up. COAST-patented SLIDE FOCUS® optical technology shines the Ultra View Flood Beam and BULLS-EYE™ Spot Beam with seamless transitions at up to 220 meters.


  • BATTERY LIFE INDICATOR: Know when to power back up - with a battery-life indicator, you can always know when your battery needs to be recharged.
  • BUILT-IN USB-C PORT: With a built-in USB-C port, your battery can be charged using a USB-C cord. Some COAST models can be charged both inside or outside the light.
  • DUST RESISTANT: Take on any dirty work environment with this dust resistant light.
  • PRO-TEK CHARGING: Charge directly from AC, DC, and USB. Flashlights and headlamps with COAST PRO-TEK Charging include a direct-connect port for powering back up. 
  • PURE-BEAM FOCUSING OPTIC: Pack two powerful beams into one and seamlessly transition—with no halos or hot spots—between short and long-range viewing. COAST’s patented focusing technology adapts to your need. The Ultra View Flood beam delivers edge-to-edge clarity in a broad circle, and the BULLS-EYE™ Spot Beam sends a sharp ray of light at a distance with a transitional halo around the spot to increase the effective viewing area.
  • RECHARGEABLE DUAL POWER: Each COAST Rechargeable-Dual Power product comes with a ported ZITHION-X™ rechargeable battery or a non-ported ZITHION™ rechargeable battery and is compatible with either COAST Extreme Performance alkaline batteries or other brand-name battery types, depending on the product. This provides you the cost savings of using rechargeable and the flexibility of reverting to alkaline. 
  • SLIDE FOCUS: One-handed beam control. COAST’s SLIDE FOCUS® system enables you to seamlessly transition between spot and flood beam with the push or pull your finger. Responsive beam-shape control allows you to operate your light with a single hand and keep the other hand free.
  • STORM PROOF: Don’t worry about the weather. COAST lights that have passed the IP54-level resistance tests are splash-resistant and built with durable materials that stand up to nature.
  • TURBO MODE: The XP lights not only features standard light modes but also COAST’s signature Turbo Mode for overpowered light in critical situations.


  • BATTERY TYPE: ZX1000 ZITHION-X™ Rechargeable Battery or 3 x AAA (Not Included)
  • BEAM DISTANCE (HIGH): 508 ft / 155 m
  • BEAM DISTANCE (LOW): 137 ft / 42 m
  • BEAM DISTANCE (MEDIUM): 288 ft / 88 m
  • BEAM DISTANCE (TURBO): 721 ft / 220 m
  • DIAMETER (BEZEL): 37.60 mm / 1.48 inches
  • DIAMETER (BODY): 31.80 mm / 1.25 inches
  • INCLUDED: ZX1000 ZITHION-X™ Rechargeable Battery | One Meter USB-C Split Charging Cable | Alkaline Battery Cartridge (Alkaline Batteries Not Included)
  • LENGTH: 152 mm / 5.98 inches
  • LIGHT OUTPUT (HIGH): 1000 Lumens
  • LIGHT OUTPUT (LOW): 75 Lumens
  • LIGHT OUTPUT (MEDIUM): 330 Lumens
  • LIGHT OUTPUT (TURBO): 2100 Lumens
  • RUNTIME (HIGH): 5 h
  • RUNTIME (LOW): 37 h
  • RUNTIME (MEDIUM): 7 h 15 min
  • WEIGHT: 5.7 oz / 162 g