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General Purpose Cleaner - Safeblend Multi-Purpose Tangerine Oil (Case of 4) SAFCCTOG04

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Item #: SAFCCTOG04

Safeblend Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser will clean and deodorize all washable hard surfaces leaving a streak free shine. Its solvent-free formula safely cleans floors, walls, wood, ceramic, linoleum, metals, concrete, plastics, vinyl, porcelain, glass, garbage areas, countertops, bathroom and kitchen tiles, sinks and toilets.

  • Formulated to safely clean and deodorize all washable surface
  • Concentrated
  • Tangerine oil fragrance
  • Suitable for food plant use in Canada
  • EcoLogo certified UL 2759
  • Code : CCTO

Directions for use: For best results, dilute using the recommended concentrations.

Light Duty Cleaning: 1:64 or 15 ml per litre.
Medium Duty Cleaning: 1:32 or 30 ml per litre.
Heavy Duty Cleaning: 1:8 or 120 ml per litre.

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet