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Anti-Vibration Glove - Superior Glove Endura® Chainsaw Goatskin Leather Nylon Hi Viz Velcro 385CS

SKU: 385CS/M
$60.73 CAD

Item #: 385CS

These gloves can stop a chain saw running at 3140 feet per minute. How? These gloves have been tested against European Standard EN 381-7. Eight layers of woven DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber wrapped around a chainsaw’s drive sprocket halts it at the moment of contact. Afterwards, the gloves will have to be replaced—but your hand won’t. Water-resistant nylon backings ensure a tight, non-slip grip, and hi-viz backs improve visibility. Elasticized Velcro wrists secure the fit and keep debris at bay.

  • Tested against European Standard EN 381-7
  • Back of left hand is lined with eight layers of chain-arrest woven DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber to stop a chainsaw running at 3140 feet per minute
  • Goatskin leather palms provide a high degree of abrasion resistance
  • Nylon backings feature a water-resistant membrane to keep hands dry
  • Elasticized Velcro wrists provide snug fit and keep out debris
  • Hi-viz backs are designed for optimal visibility
  • Applications: forestry, lumber