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Chemical Resistant Glove - Superior Glove Chemstop Economy Grade Heavy Duty DuPont Neoprene Flock Lining NE3030

SKU: NE3030-7
$52.39 CAD


Item #: NE3030

  • Neoprene, is the DuPont trade name for chloroprene the first commercial synthetic rubber created
  • Also flame-resistant, it demonstrates heat stability up to 93 deg C
  • Our heavy duty Chemstop neoprene gloves are resistant to a broad range of oils and chemicals that attack natural rubber glove
  • 30 mil THK for added protection
  • Flock lined to absorb perspiration
  • Resistant to nitric acid up to a 10% concentration
  • Resistant to hydrochloric acid up to a concentration of 36%
  • Resistant to sulphuric acid up to a concentration of 50%
  • Standards: ASTM ANSI Puncture Level 2
  • Applications: Automotive, Oil Refineries, Petrochemical, Electronics and Plastics