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General Purpose Gloves - Mechanix Wear Specialty Grip MSG-05

SKU: 16718-MSG-05-008
$32.10 CAD
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Item #: MSG-05

    Work smarter not harder with the specialty grip glove. We constructed the palm with anti-slip Armortex to increase friction and enhance your grip. Textured Armortex displaces liquids to reduce slippage and maintain grip with less strenuous effort. The specialty grip work glove features our Wide-Fit closure so you can adjust your level of comfort.

  • Form fitting TrekDry material keeps working hands cool and comfortable
  • Adjustable Wide-Fit closure provides a secure fit
  • Textured Armortex provides enhanced gripping power in dry, oily and wet conditions
  • Pinched fingertip construction improves fingertip strength and durability
  • Machine washable