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Winter Glove - Superior Glove Endura® Acrylic Pile/BOA Lining, Cowhide Leather Palm 304BOA

$180.48 CAD


Item #: 304BOA

The solution to cold fingers lies inside these durable mitts built from tough cowgrain that offer protection in temperatures down to -35°C / -31°F. They’re lined with layers of pillow-soft insulation that trap heat inside and have elasticized wrists that prevent cold air from entering. As a bonus, a pair of helpful metal clips allow the mitts to be bound together when not in use.

  • Cold-rated for protection in temperatures down to -35°C / -31°F
  • Made of durable cowgrain leather, ideal for outdoor work
  • Lining provides cushiony layer of insulation to keep fingers warm
  • Elastic wrists keep warmth in and cold out
  • Metal clips bind mitts together when not in use to help prevent misplacement