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Heat Resistant Glove - Superior Glove Cool Grip® Composite Filament Fiber/Cordura Nylon/Polyester 500 Deg Max SPGRK/A

$10.48 CAD


Item #: SPGRK/A

Designed for handling moderately hot parts during rubber and plastic manufacturing, these gloves are made from a unique blend of yarns that provides 360° ANSI Level A6 cut protection and ANSI Level 4 heat resistance. A glove-within-a-glove design traps air in to increase insulation. Its knit construction provides a high level of comfort and dexterity.

  • Designed specifically for the plastic injection molding industry
  • 360° ANSI Level A6 cut protection
  • ANSI Level 5 heat resistance up to 260°C / 500°F
  • Composite filament fiber, polyester, and Cordura nylon blend outer layer provides added durability
  • Glove-within-a-glove design traps air in and provides reliable insulation
  • Superior dexterity and comfort for a dual-purpose heat-resistant glove
  • Applications: automotive, extrusion, metal fabrication, plastic manufacturing