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Grinding Wheel - Saint-Gobain BlueFire® Grinding Wheel 24 Grit 9 in, 66252843245

SKU: 15046-66252843245
$5.62 CAD $14.04 CAD

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Item #: 66252843245

The new zirconia grain shape and chemistry in Norton BlueFire depressed center wheels efficiently grinds a variety of material from stainless and carbon steels, to alloys and gray iron - with up to 20% increase in life over former zirconia wheels. UPGRADED zirconia alumina grain chemistry and shape, blended with premium aluminum oxide grain provide 2-3 times the life of aluminum oxide wheels. 15 - 20% improvement over former zirconia wheel performance and life.

Broad utility: from light- to heavy-pressure applications, on a wide range of materials: stainless steel, carbon steel and alloys, to gray iron.

Excellent performance-to-price ratio lowers total grinding costs. Contaminate-free INOX wheels contain 0.1% iron, sulfur or chlorine for rust-free and corrosion-free results; will not contaminate stainless steel. Foundry wheels have zirconia alumina/silicon carbide abrasive and an exceptionally strong reinforcement structure.