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Keurig Coffee Pods - Muskoka Roastery Howling Wolf Compostable Coffee Pods (20 Count)

$19.60 CAD
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Rich, deep, well-rounded flavour and aroma, that captures the untamed spirit and natural beauty of Muskoka.

Algonquin Park is home to the Eastern Wolf, which travels in packs across territories that range from 150 to 500 kilometres in size. Given that the front door of the Muskoka Roastery is 35 km from the park, wolves are a not uncommon siting. What is even more common is to hear the packs howling at night, which is what inspired this distinctive coffee. The roast profile brings out the best in the exotic East African beans in the blend capturing the wild character of the wolves at our doorstep.

Keurig compatible pods.