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Cut Off Wheel - Klingspor Edge Special Kronenflex 317818 / 317819 / 317820 / 317821

SKU: 14480-317818
$1.57 CAD $4.55 CAD
101 in stock

Item #: 317818, 317819, 317820, 317821

Designed by you, made by Klingspor

High-grade raw materials

The bond is perfectly matched to the grit type used and guarantees a greater level of aggressiveness as well as a longer service life

Enhanced performance

The synthetically produced grit ensures the consistently high performance of our Kronenflex products. Available in three different quality classes, they are exceptionally well suited for all types of applications.

Advantages: Short cutting times and long service life - Low burr formation - Low thermal load - 25 pieces delivered in the Kronenflex box for long-lasting high performance and moisture protection

    Width: .045
    Bore: 7/8
    Vmax in m/s: 80