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Kneeling Mat - SoleMat Utility Kneeling Mat 1"x15"x20", KNEELMAT

$22.95 CAD
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You have a job to do that requires you to get closer to the ground. Plumbing, electrical, industrial, automotive and other jobs require you to kneel on a hard surface, which is painful and makes the job harder than it needs to be. SoleMat's kneeling pad allows you to work more comfortably, keeping you "feeling good at work" during and after the job is complete.

  • Made of 1" thick NBR rubber (up to 20% recycled material)
  • Infused with Microban to prevent mold and mildew
  • Negligible volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)
  • Cut-out handle, easy to carry and to store
  • Washable. Resists industrial chemicals, grease, and oil.
  • Made in USA

Private Label Program Available - Add your custom label to the mat and keep your brand front of mind. Contact us at sales@hansler.com if you're interested in this option.