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Pocket Knife - Coast FX220 Frame Lock Knife, 30038

SKU: 17815-30038
$15.79 CAD

Pocket Knife - Coast FX220 Frame Lock Knife, 30038 is currently out of stock and will ship as soon as inventory has been replenished.

Item #: 30038

The Coast FX220 Knife provides the ultimate versatility for a pocket. It comes equipped with two useful tools – a bottle opener and a money clip. The bottle opener is easy-to-use and can be a valuable tool for work or pleasure. The pocket clip is also specially designed to act as a money clip if needed. The FX220’s Frame Lock mechanism keeps the knife secure and the user safe. Despite its small stature, the stainless steel blade is handy for cutting materials.


  • Bottle Opener: Pop a bottle without any hassle. The integrated Bottle Opener on this knife makes it quick and easy to remove bottle caps.
  • Frame Lock: Safe, single-handed blade control. Knives equipped with a Frame Lock use the knife’s frame as a locking mechanism and allow you to keep one hand free while opening and closing the knife.
  • One Position Knife Clip: Secure your knife at hand’s reach. The COAST One Position Knife Clip makes it easy to keep your knife readily accessible while also tucked away in your pocket.