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Knife Ring - Handy Twine Ball Point Tip Safety Knife Various Sizes BALLPOINT

$4.35 CAD
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The Handy Safety Ring Knife offers you the convenience of a knife at your fingertips all day long. Never worry about repeatedly reaching for a retractable outdoor knife again! With a small but heavy-duty cutting blade, this all-purpose knife ring is ideal for a range of outdoor settings.

Work crews and safety managers alike depend on the Ball Point Safety® ring knife because it is efficient, lightweight, safe, and convenient. The blade has a blunt rounded tip that adds an extra layer of safety to an already very safe knife. And because the Ball Point Safety® knife has a shorter distance between the user's finger and the top of the knife, there is less chance of it catching on something as it is worn around the shop or warehouse throughout the day. The band is made of aluminum, and the steel blade is hardened through heat-treating. The rivets are nickel-plated brass. This style of metal band is a great choice for the worker who uses his or her knife "off and on" throughout the day. The ring knife design also decreases the chance of repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.