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Label Tape Cartridge - Aggressive Adhesive Multi-Purpose Nylon Labels with Ribbon for M21 Printers - 0.5" - M21-500-499

SKU: M21-500-499
$49.03 CAD

Item #: M21-500-499

Product Highlights:

Material: Nylon Cloth

Printer Compatibility: BMP21-LAB, BMP21-PLUS, M210, M210-LAB, M211

Colour: Black on White Material

Number: B-499

Overview: High adhesion and high pliability are the hallmarks of Brady’s nylon cloth (B-499) label material designed to meet a broad array of identification requirements from control panels to liquid nitrogen environments.

  • Application Versatility – Highly pliable material conforms tightly to curved surfaces such as wires and cables while also adhering to stainless steel, textured ABS, Polypropylene and many other material types
  • Engineered Performance – Resists exposure to cold temperatures, chemicals, greases, oils, cleaners, and detergents
  • Irregular Surfaces – Low profile label material adheres to smooth, rough, or powder coated surfaces or even materials with low surface energy
  • Certifications – UL Recognized to UL969, CSA to C22.2 No. 0.15-95, RoHS compliant to 2011/65/EU (Pass 2015/863