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Label Tape - Brady Permanent Adhesive Vinyl Label Tape, M21-750-595-WT

SKU: 14160-M21-750-595-WT
$50.21 CAD
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Item #: M21-750-595-WT

With the ability to last up to 10 years in an outdoor environment, Brady’s low shrink vinyl with ultra-aggressive adhesive (B-595) is ideal for a wide range of identification applications.

  • Application Versatility – Highly pliable material with high-tack permanent adhesive for rough, highly textured, dirty, and harsh environment surfaces, and can be applied in cold temperatures
  • Industrial Grade – Resists exposure to UV light, chemicals, greases and oils, salt spray, cleaners and detergents, and general industrial grime
  • Difficult Surfaces – Besides powder coated metal, also adheres to difficult surfaces such as painted cinder block, painted wood, textured plastic, paper-jacketed pipes, and blow-molded cases
  • Certifications – RoHS compliant to 2011/65/EU (Pass 2015/863)