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Label Tape Cartridge - Self-Laminating Vinyl Wrap Around Labels with Ribbon for M21 Printers - 0.75" - M21-750-427

SKU: M21-750-427
$54.79 CAD

Item #: M21-750-427

Product Highlights:

  • Printer Compatibility: 

    BMP21-LAB, BMP21-PLUS, M210, M210-LAB, M211
  • Material Number: 

  • Colour: 

    Black on White, Clear
  • Material: 

    Self-laminating Vinyl
  • Wire Gauge Range: 

    20 AWG - 12 AWG

Brady’s self-laminating vinyl material is excellent for wire and cable identification. Designed with a clear protective layer to cover the printed text, B-427 material provides superb protection from abrasion, dirt, oils, solvents, water and excess handling.

  • Excellent Adhesion – adheres well to surfaces that are smooth, rough or powder coated, and to irregular surfaces or surfaces with low surface energy
  • Superior Protection – Abrasion resistant, Outdoor durable, Alcohol resistant, Fuel and Oil resistant, Self-extinguishing
  • Printable area is 0.375 inches (9.53mm) and typically fits wires from 16 - 10 gauge.
  • Certifications – UL Recognized to UL 2238, RoHS compliant to 2011/65/EU (Pass 2015/863)