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Mop Holder - Unger SmartColor™ EZ Flat Mop Holder Gray, MA450

SKU: 22363-MA450
$243.52 CAD
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Item #: MA450

The Unger SmartColor™ EZ Flat Mop Holder is a flat mop holder with a pivoting, low-profile head. The holder has a large 16 inch surface providing more direct cleaning contact and more scrubbing pressure, reducing your cleaning time by up to 10%. It easily collapses with the touch of a button to rinse, wring, or change the mop head. Use the handle's universal socket with a nylon-threaded cone or a tapered handle from 21-23mm in diameter.

The Unger SmartColor™ EZ Flat Mop Holder has a "drop and mop" feature. The "no spin" design allows the user to quickly drop the mop down and start working.

Use this mop holder with the MM40, MD40, DM40, or MA450 series of mop pads (sold separately).